Paris, France

As luck would have it, my freshman year of college roommate, and dear friend, Jory happened to be staying in Paris the same weekend I arrived in Berlin, and invited us to come and stay with her for a few days in a lovely apartment owned by her old boss.

Although we were groggy from getting up at 4:30am, we couldn’t complain when AirFrance served us chocolate croissants and hot chocolate as our “snack” within the first 20 minutes of our flight. Oh, Europe.

When we finally made it to the apartment after an hour on the train –>metro–>20 minute walk carrying all my belongings for the next 3 years, Jory and crew were waiting for us with leftovers from a croissant taste-test that they’d collected during a lap around the 17th arrondissement that morning.  There is truly nothing more delectable than a fresh-baked, flaky on the outside, chewy on the inside, authentic french croissant. Especially with fresh apricot jam.


I only had one short day in Paris before I had to start my new job in Geneva, but we managed to see some wonderful Parisian sights, like the modern/contemporary art exhibits at the Pompidou:

(photo credit: la fiche Mona HatoumVoir la fiche de Le CorbusierVoir la fiche Dans la forêt

The lovely gardens as we walked around the town:


The fantastic wine, which Chris learned to artfully ask for by repeating the word “jammy” over and over:


And an incredible restaurant/wine bar called “The Clown Bar” that is everything you’d want in a Parisian dining establishment. The interior is cozy, full of wooden tables with drawers for the silverware, while the outdoor tables offer a great view of pedestrians walking by. They offer a selection of wonderful local wines, wood-fired french bread, and amazing small plates to share – we got the veal with parsley sauce, grilled calamari in dark black squid ink tomato sauce, beef tartare over fresh buffala mozzarella, smoked meat, and a cheese plate. Dinner lasted from 9pm until after midnight, and the place was still packed when we left.

We woke early the next morning and headed to the train station where Jory and Chris saw me safely off to my new life in Geneva – they’re the best!


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