Pink sand, turquoise water, modern cuisine, and ancient history make Crete the ultimate island getaway

Microtripping has taken on a whole new meaning for us now that our travels include a tiny human being. After a long search for a fall vacation destination with a 5-month old, we discovered the new parent dream getaway: the Greek island of Crete, with direct flights from Geneva to Heraklion in under three hours.... Continue Reading →

Barcelona, Spain

The peak travel holidays are over. The tourists have come for the summer and left by fall, but we’re still here. And we’re thankful for it: The streets are less crowded, the flights are less filled, the lines are shorter. That all makes a late fall visit ideal timing for Barcelona, and a welcome reprieve... Continue Reading →

Desalpes Festival: When the cows come marching home in Switzerland

Today was a window into Swiss tradition at the "Desalpes" festival in St.  Cergue. After spending four months in the high alpine pastures where cheese is made on site the old-fashioned way, the farmers and their cows parade down from the mountains at the end of September to rejoin their winter farms in “Desalpes” (French-speaking areas)... Continue Reading →

Oviedo and Bilbao, Spain

The Asturias region of Spain may be the best kept secret in Europe. Famous for its cider, fresh local seafood, over 40 varieties of cheese (like Cabrales, Gamoneu, Afuega'l Pitu, Los Beyos) reflecting the finest flavors the countryside has to offer, gorgeous beaches and lush green parks and hills, we should all get on a plane right... Continue Reading →

Exploring Franzerland

"Franzerland" is what I am officially calling the border area.  And here are a few great things that we've discovered round these parts so far. 1) Bikes!  We got bikes!  There's an amazing site in Geneva called glocals that is essentially a pre-screened Craigslist for only people living in Geneva.  It's how I found my apartment and... Continue Reading →

Paris, France

As luck would have it, my freshman year of college roommate, and dear friend, Jory happened to be staying in Paris the same weekend I arrived in Berlin, and invited us to come and stay with her for a few days in a lovely apartment owned by her old boss. Although we were groggy from... Continue Reading →

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