Dresden, Germany

Our first “microtrip” from our new Berlin home was to Dresden to celebrate our first anniversary. Much of the city was destroyed in the controversial 1945 bombing, but it has done a spectacular job of rebuilding its magnificent structures.

DSCN2856 DSCN2929

The Old Town was very majestic, but our favorite part of Dresden was the New Town area just across the river.  We crossed the bridge and immediately noticed that the New Town has a funky hipster vibe that brought Portland, Oregon to mind.  We wandered around passing numerous beer gardens and cafes, and then stumbled into a whimsical courtyard completely hidden from the street between some shabby looking buildings. It was like a secret garden of color, great food, and great drinks – the residents of the turquoise building have restructured the drains to play music when it rains! And the building directly across is equally as visually stunning, with gold shavings and bright flower pots running up and down the walls.

We opted out of our planned Michelin Star dinner and instead, ate at Lila SoSe (Lilac Sauce), which was an adorable tapas bar with lots of character that served all its foods in jars of varying sizes and had a nice selection of local wines.

It would have been easy to sit there all night, but instead we walked back over the river at sunset to our hotel to open one of the “guestbook” bottles of wine our guests had signed at our wedding, to be enjoyed each year on our anniversary. We passed a local chocolate shop and decided there was no way we could have this special wine without special chocolates, so we bought a bag of decadent truffles in an assortment of flavors. The rest of the evening passed in about the best way one could hope to spend an anniversary – we slipped into our robes and “houseshoes”, sipped wine, and ate truffles while reminiscing about our wedding one year earlier and binge-watching the last of the season’s Game of Thrones episodes. Here’s to marriage!

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