Dear Oma…

Dear Oma, You were just 9 when you were forced to flee Germany. Now, at 86, you are one of the few people in this world who can both remember the events during your childhood past and still describe them in great detail. You have been telling me stories all my life about your home,... Continue Reading →

Regensburg, Germany

Regensburg's character is strongly defined by its 11th to 13th century architecture. Lying quietly along the banks of the Danube River, the Old Town of Regensburg survived the Second World War in exceptionally good shape and is now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This beautiful town serves as a supreme example of a central-European medieval trading centre,... Continue Reading →

Christmas Markets of Munich, Salzburg, and Nuremberg

As a child I remember looking forward to the holidays with an almost nervous excitement and anticipation, giddy about what the season would bring - long sled rides down my grandfather's mountain driveway in Vermont, colorful platters of butter and springerlee cookies, games of dreidel with chocolate gelt as the candles melted in the menorah, stockings bulging with fruit and canned sardines (which... Continue Reading →

A weekend in Berlin

Berlin is a fun city all year long, but it is a particularly wonderful place to be in August, with crisp, bright autumn-like mornings that turn into warm sunny days where the light lasts long into the evening, and a constant buzz of activity as Berliners strive to enjoy the last summer rays. After a late flight followed by... Continue Reading →

Berlin, Germany

Our first time together in one of our new homes, Berlin! It was so nice to see each other again after 5 weeks apart getting our respective lives in order.  We had limited time, and unfortunately had to spend the first few days taking care of the many complex logistics of living in a new city... Continue Reading →

Europe is Home

This is just a quickie, but a big one because we are finally both permanently moved to Europe for the  indefinite future!  It feels great.  I flew in yesterday morning, and when I got to customs in Amsterdam I decided to give my German passport its first go, which allowed me to skip the long... Continue Reading →

Dresden, Germany

Our first "microtrip" from our new Berlin home was to Dresden to celebrate our first anniversary. Much of the city was destroyed in the controversial 1945 bombing, but it has done a spectacular job of rebuilding its magnificent structures. The Old Town was very majestic, but our favorite part of Dresden was the New Town area just across the... Continue Reading →

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