Lexington, KY

After my maiden voyage to Berlin to visit Chris for our anniversary, I did a quick month stint back in the USA to finish off work at the CDC and do a whirlwind goodbye tour of eastern-based friends and family.  One of my first stops was to meet my new cousin-once-removed and first of the next Goldstein generation, the beautiful adorable Simon Herschel Michler, in Lexington.  This was a particularly special weekend because he got to meet his proud great-OmaZadie!

As if a new baby wasn’t keeping them busy enough, Simon’s parents (Penina and Robin) are also managing the crowds at their brand-new authentic biergarten, Kentucky Native. This place is AMAZING!  If you are ever in Lexington, it is a MUST!  It’s modeled after the biergartens of Munich that Robin frequented while he lived there – four local beers on tap, Robin’s famous homemade soft pretzels with delicious beer-cheese for dipping, an ever-changing assortment of handmade local vegetarian salads, AND the most enchanting greenhouse/garden to enjoy it in.  It’s lovely during the day and if it’s possible, even better at night when the globe lights come on and shed a soft glow around the place.





Though the cafe is closed for the winter, it opens its doors for a spectacular Christmas market in December showcasing local artists and traditional German treats like hot spiced wine. It’s great to have talented family members! But even if we weren’t related, this is where I would spend all my time if I lived in Lexington.

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