Madagascar: adventures on the 8th continent

"I see two chameleons by that root...can you find them?" asked our guide Claudio, pointing to a patch of leaf-litter no more than four inches wide.  Squinting, our noses almost touching the ground, Chris and I searched until we eventually gave up. Grinning smugly, Claudio picked them up and placed them on our hands. The... Continue Reading →

An Italian leather anniversary, part II: Matera

Once past the treacherous mountain roads, the drive from Vieste to Matera wound peacefully from the Puglia to Basilicata region through fields carpeted in brilliant poppies and wildflowers, an ocassional ancient wooden farmhouse or crumbling stone building dotting the hills. But as we neared Matera, the landscape became more urban, full of worn homes and roadsides... Continue Reading →

An Italian leather anniversary, part I: Vieste

Italy is just an hour by car from Geneva.  Yet we often overlook it as a weekend destination. So, to kick off a year of concerted efforts to explore our animated, pasta-rich neighbor,  we celebrated our third anniversary with a five-day trip to the Apulia region (Puglia), Italy's stiletto heel, known for its whitewashed hill towns,... Continue Reading →

When in doubt, add more olive oil

Just days after a rare snowstorm held us hostage in Rome, the same snowstorm shut down Geneva. Determined to meet my brother Nate in Florence for the weekend, I hiked an hour through the snow to the airport, anxiously passing by the crowd of passengers sipping free hot chocolate in the waiting area - an... Continue Reading →

Ringing in the New Year in Japan

Still dazzled by the sparkling streets of Ginza, and clutching a bag of fresh onigiri from one of the magical Japanese 7-Elevens, we stumbled into our hotel room for a 2am entrance to Japan.  On a whim, we had purchased a pair of cheap last-minute airline tickets to visit two Japanese friends for the holidays. With minimal time... Continue Reading →

Eat Well, Drink Better in Bordeaux

As I crossed the bustling square, I heard my name and looked up to see two smiling faces framed in the wooden shutters adorning an old stone building, now an airbnb apartment. My father and brother leaned over the iron rail, waving with one hand, a glass of wine in the other in an official... Continue Reading →

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