Ethiopia: Letters Home 2

Hi again, I just returned from a second round of data collection, this time in the Southern Nations and Nationalities People’s Region, specifically the Humbo district.  This area is home to about 45 different ethnic groups, so there are a huge variety of languages spoken. In the area where we stayed, Walaytanga (of the Walaita tribe)... Continue Reading →

Ethiopia: Letters home 1

In 2011, I spent three months traveling around Ethiopia to conduct research on the country's polio eradication initiative. Chris met me there at the end of my stay and we took the opportunity to do some personal travels. It was a life-changing experience that has profoundly influenced our views of the world. Some of my... Continue Reading →

Pink sand, turquoise water, modern cuisine, and ancient history make Crete the ultimate island getaway

Microtripping has taken on a whole new meaning for us now that our travels include a tiny human being. After a long search for a fall vacation destination with a 5-month old, we discovered the new parent dream getaway: the Greek island of Crete, with direct flights from Geneva to Heraklion in under three hours.... Continue Reading →

36 hours in Ferney Voltaire

If you're looking for great food, fine wine, and a world-class farmer's market in a laid-back setting, don't overlook Geneva's lesser known French neighbor, Ferney Voltaire. Downtown Ferney VoltaireImage credit: Daniel Gillet The New York Times has featured Geneva twice in its 36 hours articles (2007 and 2016), but Geneva's next door neighbor, Ferney Voltaire,... Continue Reading →

A sheepish celebration of friendship on the Gemmi Pass

Every year on the last Sunday in July, the cantons of Berne and Valais meet on the famed Gemmi Pass to celebrate their brotherhood by bringing their sheep together for a friendly shepherd's festival.  The Gemmi Pass, linking the Bernese Oberland with canton Valais, is steeped in history. One of the most frequented north-south mountain routes during the... Continue Reading →

A romantic fall getaway in Fafleralp

The fall colors in Switzerland's Loetschental valley are spectacular. We first discovered this secret paradise during Chris's birthday trip exactly a year ago, waking up to mountains aflame with brilliant orange larchwoods.  This was the scene we were anticipating when we returned on the same weekend a year later, but instead, we watched from our little... Continue Reading →

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