36 hours in Ferney Voltaire

If you're looking for great food, fine wine, and a world-class farmer's market in a laid-back setting, don't overlook Geneva's lesser known French neighbor, Ferney Voltaire. Downtown Ferney VoltaireImage credit: Daniel Gillet The New York Times has featured Geneva twice in its 36 hours articles (2007 and 2016), but Geneva's next door neighbor, Ferney Voltaire,... Continue Reading →

Cross country skiing and snowshoeing in the Jura: La Givrine, La Vattay, Col de la Faucille

One thing about living in Switzerland stands out above all else, and that is the access to the outdoors. I decided to enter the winter sports scene by starting with low-adrenaline activities: cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. And after scouring the glocals website, I found all the necessary equipment for next to nothing. Now, fully prepared, it was time to hit the... Continue Reading →

A week in Provence

The Provence painted by Van Gogh and Cézanne is a dazzling palette of richly colored scenes. More than a century later, nothing has changed. A region famous for its pastis and pétanque, rolling fields of purple lavender, storybook hilltop villages, and picturesque markets, Provence offers so many enchanting landscapes and experiences that it would take a lifetime to uncover them all. We had a week. On... Continue Reading →

Alsace Region: Colmar, Ammerschwihr, Kayserberg, Riquewihr, and Ribeauville, France

A supersaver ticket that, when combined with our annual half price passes, let us travel for a quarter of the price of normal tickets on the Swiss rail systems, inspired another weekend trip. This time we headed north almost to the German border, then northwest into  the Alsace wine region of France. The train took the familiar track towards Lausanne, which... Continue Reading →

Going to Market in France

As I toast a glass of champagne and slurp a briny oyster from its shell, I can't help but marvel at the French passion for eating well. This would have been beyond a fantasy a year ago and yet here we are, spending a weekend at "home" that feels like a dream vacation. This is owed primarily to France's... Continue Reading →

Exploring Franzerland

"Franzerland" is what I am officially calling the border area.  And here are a few great things that we've discovered round these parts so far. 1) Bikes!  We got bikes!  There's an amazing site in Geneva called glocals that is essentially a pre-screened Craigslist for only people living in Geneva.  It's how I found my apartment and... Continue Reading →

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