Tromsø: Norway’s gateway to the Arctic

At 69°N, TromsØ, Northern Norway’s largest city, lies far north of the Arctic Circle. At this latitude winter means twenty-four hours of darkness, while summer boasts the midnight sun. In late March the days seemed almost normal, with sunrise at 5am and sunset around 7:30pm, but during the 6 days of our trip the sunset had already shifted... Continue Reading →

Cross country skiing and snowshoeing in the Jura: La Givrine, La Vattay, Col de la Faucille

One thing about living in Switzerland stands out above all else, and that is the access to the outdoors. I decided to enter the winter sports scene by starting with low-adrenaline activities: cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. And after scouring the glocals website, I found all the necessary equipment for next to nothing. Now, fully prepared, it was time to hit the... Continue Reading →

Les Diablerets 7.2km sledge run

When a friend from Atlanta, Georgia comes to visit you and has never seen mountain snow, there's only one thing to do - SLEDGE DOWN A MOUNTAIN! Only two hours from Geneva, Les Diablerets  makes the perfect day trip for any winter sport. They have wonderful beginner to imtermediate alpine and x country ski runs, wnter hiking, and... Continue Reading →

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