A weekend in Berlin

Berlin is a fun city all year long, but it is a particularly wonderful place to be in August, with crisp, bright autumn-like mornings that turn into warm sunny days where the light lasts long into the evening, and a constant buzz of activity as Berliners strive to enjoy the last summer rays. After a late flight followed by... Continue Reading →

Berlin, Germany

Our first time together in one of our new homes, Berlin! It was so nice to see each other again after 5 weeks apart getting our respective lives in order.  We had limited time, and unfortunately had to spend the first few days taking care of the many complex logistics of living in a new city... Continue Reading →

Europe is Home

This is just a quickie, but a big one because we are finally both permanently moved to Europe for the  indefinite future!  It feels great.  I flew in yesterday morning, and when I got to customs in Amsterdam I decided to give my German passport its first go, which allowed me to skip the long... Continue Reading →

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